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Ligonier Custom Epoxy Design Studio

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Custom Epoxy Home Decor

From bedroom to kitchen, we can work with you to create a unique look and feel that makes your home, Home.

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Custom Tabletops

We are the most cost effective, professional solution for:

  • Kitchen/Bath Remodels
  • Condos/Vacation/Rental Properties
  • Investment/Property Management
  • Restaurants/Retail Stores/Convenient Stores
  • Offices/Receptionist Areas/Showrooms/Conference Rooms
  • Business/Interior Design



Ligonier, PA Epoxy Counter Tops

Pour it on Surfaces are one of a kind. 

You choose the colors and the design. From traditional quartz, granite, or marble designs to exotic works of art.

Our unique coloring process allows for any color combination. Veins and mineral effects found in natural stone can be replicated to compliment your kitchen and bath, or anyother space in your home, office, or business.

Our Process

Reasonable Lead Times.

Our process isn’t limited by stone availability, slab size, or natural stone price increases based on supply and demand.

Pour it on Surfaces can be completed in as little as two weeks from the start of production depending on size and complexity of the project.

We care about the environment.

Our eco-freindly system contains:

  • Very Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Qualifies as “Green Building Material”
  • We don’t extract large slabs of stone from a quarry
  • Nonporous, Food Safe surface
  • Ultimate topcoat, scratch and head resistance

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